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South Asian journalists protest at climate conference

South Asian Climate Change Journalist’s Forum (SACCJF) COP 28 Dubai ActivityAlthough not responsible for climate change, South Asian countries are the most affected by climate change. Therefore, journalists from South Asia protested at the COP-28 conference in Dubai to demand compensation, not grants, to South Asian countries affected by the carbon emissions of the developed world. Journalists from South Asia held a banner reading ‘We Want Climate Justice’ outside the media meet point of the conference center. The protest was organized by the South Asian Climate Change Journalists’ Forum (SACCJF).

At the press meet organized by the South Asian Climate Change Journalists’ Forum at the Blue Zone of the COP-28 conference center, a demand was presented to the world to prevent climate change in South Asia.

President of the organization and Indian journalist Asish Gupta, Executive President of SACCJF Karamot Ullah Biplob, Vice President and journalist of Pakistan Rabnewaz Chowdhury, Secretary General of SACCJF and Bangladeshi journalist Asaduzzaman Shamrat, Sriram Subedi of Nepal, Imran Y Chowdhury, International Coordinator of SACCJF CK Naik  also spoke.