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One and a half million people in Char region are at risk of climate impact

Karamot Ullah Biplob, Executive president of SACCJFGaibandha: Climate, environment and water scientist Ainun Nishat said that more than one and a half million people in the grasslands of the country are at serious risk due to climate impact or damage. He said that it is important to finalize the protection policy or master plan for the people of Char region now. If not, the developed world countries will also have to take the responsibility.

He said these things at a press conference in Gaibandha last Wednesday after a public hearing organized by the South Asian Climate Change Journalist Forum about the climate victims of Char reagion. The joint organizer of this hearing is Gaibandhar NGO gana unnayan Kendra (GUK). Abdus Salam, Executive Head of gana unnayan Kendra (GUK), Asish Gupta, President of South Asian Climate Change Journalists Forum and Asaduzzaman Samrat, Secretary General were present at the event. Karamot Ullah Biplob, Executive president of SACCJF conducted the press conference.

saccjfAt the press conference, environmentalists blamed climate change for the ongoing disaster including river erosion in different parts of the country, calling on the developed countries to implement the commitment to finance various initiatives of climate-risk countries including Bangladesh.

They say that developed countries are emitting carbon in the name of industrialization, which is having an adverse effect on the environment and Bangladesh and other developing countries are suffering.

Karamot Ullah BiplobHowever, they are not playing an effective role in fulfilling the financial aid commitments that developed countries have made for the affected countries due to the effects of climate change. They urged the responsible countries to pay their promised compensation. Dr. Nishat urged all countries to implement their commitments to reduce carbon emissions and finance various initiatives of climate-risk countries. He said `We are facing the most serious global challenges of our time. The effects of climate change are increasingly damaging our civilization. It is an existential threat to climate vulnerable countries like Bangladesh.