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Bangladesh 7th in the list of climate vulnerable countries: adaptation will cost 230 billion dollars

South Asian Climate Change Journalists’ ForumBangladesh is seventh among the top 10 countries at risk due to climate change. As a country affected by climate change, Bangladesh has adopted the National Climate Adaptation Plan. 230 billion dollars will be spent to implement this plan by 2050. The information was given in the seminar titled ‘Role of media in implementation of climate risk mitigation and national adaptation plan’ organized by National Media Institute on Tuesday.

Malik Fida A Khan, a member of the National River Protection Commission, presented the main article in the seminar held under the chairmanship of Faizul Haque, Director General of the National Media Institute

Water resources and climate change expert and emeritus professor spoke as the chief guest. Ainun Nishat Sanjay Kumar Bhowmick, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change was the discussant. Asaduzzaman Samrat, Secretary General of South Asian Climate Change Journalists’ Forum, Ashraf Ali, Joint Editor of National Press Club, spoke. Departments under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, journalists from various private media and prominent media personalities were present in this seminar. The program was conducted by the director (training programs). Md. Maruf Nawaz. Tanya Khan, Deputy Director (Attached) of this institution served as the director of the seminar.

Natural disasters are an international problem due to global warming caused by climate change, said the main article presenter. Climate change risk reduction and national adaptation plan should be coordinated to overcome this natural disaster.

South Asian Climate Change Journalists’ ForumAccording to the Climate Vulnerable Index, Bangladesh ranks seventh among 192 vulnerable countries in the world. Building a robust adaptation infrastructure is critical to addressing climate change risks and other impacts. He urged journalists to play an active role in sharing experiences, creating public awareness and informing people about their role in NAP.

Water resources and climate change expert Dr. Ainun Nishat said in his discussion that the media can play an important role in the implementation of climate change adaptation plans. For this purpose, information on integrated water resources and disaster management, ensuring social protection from disaster damage and infrastructural development etc. should be worked on.

Sanjay Kumar Bhowmik, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, said that there is a need to work together at the government and private levels to deal with climate risks and the national adaptation plan. If the media is more actively involved with this, then Bangladesh can achieve more success in dealing with disasters.