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A day-long awareness camp ‘Climate 24’organized by South Asian Climate Change Journalists Forum

Kolkata, west bengal : On 3rd May, 2024, The South Asian Climate Change Journalists Forum organized a day-long awareness camp called ‘Climate 24′ to prevent climate change.106 students of 25 schools of that district, 30 teachers took part in this camp at Bengal School of Technology in Hooghly district. Padma Shri Dukhu Majhi inaugurated the ceremony by planting the tree. Eminent environmentalists Dr. Deepayan Dey, Biswajit Mukhopadhyay and Prof. SC Santara made the students aware of what can be done to avoid the negative effects of climate change. The awareness camp became a focus of students’ questions and speakers’ answers. In the final part of the camp, a documentary film  ‘Erosion’ was shown on climate change and its damage. In the meeting, Padma Shri Dukhu Majhi encouraged the students to plant trees. He said, “From trees we get oxygen as a means of survival. Naturally, as many trees are cut, this land will become a cremation ground.

98852So every human being should plant and save trees. Trees not only provide oxygen, but also maintain the balance of the environment.” Srikanth Sahu of the environmental philanthropic organization Nature Care Initiative gave his well-thought-out views at the meeting. At the beginning of the program, President of Journalists’ Forum, Asish Gupta said, “Journalists are not outsiders of the society. As a member of this society, he also has some responsibilities. Our organization was created from the idea of social responsibility. We decided to create climate change among students in different parts of the country. This awareness camp will be the first program of the Journalists’ Forum”. The organization conducts essay competitions among students of state schools. He announced his results today. Ishika Nandi of Haryana Vidya Mandir became the first. He also said what the organization wants to do in the future. The president congratulated everyone.